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  • Govinda Anandini dasi (Disciple, USA)

My Whole Life Changed

Dear Maharaj! Dear Srila Bhakti Vijnana Bharati Goswami maharaj! Please accept my humble obeisances unto your lotus feet.

Today is the most happiest day - your Vyasa puja , but the same time also sad day because physically you are not here with us.

First I want to say I have no idea how I deserve this mercy having you as my guru maharaj. I come from meat eater family, yet I have received your mercy of HARINAM and Diksha initiation.

After You gave me initiation in Sridham Mayapur 2017 year March 5th I been getting purified almost every single day. I have never knew the meaning of true initiation, but after meeting You, my whole life has changed. I never stop thinking of our meeting.

My false Ego, my pride and other bad qualities are getting scolded every single day and You are making me actual into human. I know it’s still lots of work, then I would be actually worthy to be called your disciple, but You never give up on me and I want to thank You for that. Many people have given up on me in this life, but You never ever give up on me . Thank you million times over and over again and again!

All I can do is to thank You for this opportunity even often it hurts because my false Ego is so stubborn and I want things my way or the highway ( American saying). Today I’m praying that I can receive your mercy and at least one percent of your good qualities. I’m praying that my little service of trying to get your books to America and also printing extra books here in Los Angeles do succeed and we get the needed money and strength to distribute your teachings wherever we go. Please shower the mercy unto this wretched Soul that serving you would be the way that pleases You. For almost 3 years I been wanting to be in other world wherever You went , but lately I have understood that actual value is staying on this Earth and spread your teachings all over the West and especially in America to unfortunate Souls who are misguided by our present society and false leaders.

Thank You for inspiration. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for being real guidance and the father which I never had before. Thank you Maharaj!

Dandavats. Pranamas.

Your disciple Govinda Anandini didi

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