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  • Deeksha Goyal (Disciple, Jaipur)

Ever-new Hari-katha

Hare krishna Dandavat pranam to all of you.

With due respect to dear gurudev and all Vaishnavas I would like to submit my heartiest obseciences on this great day.

Gurudev is the one who always has a real life example for each vaishnav principle. The way he explains atmendriya prativanccha and krishnendriya prativanccha in his katha with the example of Gopis and Rukmini when naradji asked for charan raj in headache leela of krishna was great.

I have heard Ambarish mharaj katha in so many recordings but everytime something is surely new. Gurudev always insisted on service rather than worship. I always loved special way he sing Chaitanya charitamrit mahatmya "giyatam giyatam mud chintatam chintatam..."

I bow down to his lotus feet and ask for his mercy.

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