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  • Shamolia Dasi (Disciple, India)

He Was My True Bandhava

All glories to Shri Gurudev and Shri Guru parampara! All glories to innumerable Vaishnavas! All glories to Shriman Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and his associates and to Shri Shri Radha Shyamsundar and their associates!

Gurudev after wandering for countless lifetimes I reached at your lotus feet. From that very instant to my knowledge I have felt myself protected. Though I understand that you always have been my true bandhav during all the times. During your physical presence I could not see your magnificent personality. Once when I came for your darshan at the present Faridabad math, I asked you - "gurudev Hriday ki kapatata toh jaati nahin" (the duplicity in my heart doesn't leave). And your reply was "haribhajan se hoga" ( it will happen with haribhajan).

The construction outside was on and the beauty and sophistication of the older math building was missing. Just after that while taking your leave, you gave me a toffee. And immediately the thought stroke me was - "oh gurudev has become poor!!" Before that I was used to of receiving more valuable sweets. How unfortunate and sinful I have been with petty and gross thoughts. Still, you all knowing, are showering your blessings through hari katha by various vaishnavas and the books based on your experiences and hari katha!! What do I say? All the lacking are on my part. I don't see any end to my utter "tamoguna" (the mode of ignorance). Please be kind to me with your causeless mercy that someday with your potency only I would be able to serve you to your satisfaction.

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