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  • Bhuvan Mohan Das, (Diksa Disciple, Netherlands)

Two Japa-malas from Gurudeva!

For my harinam in 2016 in Jalandhar, I had to bring my own tulsi japa mala. I didnt know that! I thought I will get a japamala from gurudev when harinam takes place. So at my first appointment with maharaj for harinam I was asked to give a tulsi japamala to maharaj, then I said that I didnt have one.

So harinam was cancelled as I didnt bring a tulsi japamala. I paid my obeisances to gurudev and left the room. I had to come for a second appointment some other day and bring a tulsi japa mala with me. For the second appointment I tried to buy a tulsi japamala but I found out that in Jalandhar they didnt have mala with real tulsibeads, so I arranged a tulsi japamala handmade by a pujari in a local temple. When I came to Gurudev for the second time for harinam I handed over the japamala to Madhav Priya prabhu, he counted the beads as it should have 108 beads. After counting it appeared the mala had only 107 beads. So again my harinam was canceled and I was told to come another day with a tulsi japamala with 108 beads. Again I paid my obeisances to Gurudev and left the room.

So seeing my efforts fail 2 times to arrange a proper tulsi japamala Gurudev mercifully arranged one for me just in case I would fail for the third time. When I came for the third time to Gurudev for harinam I had finally arranged myself a proper tulsi japamala. Then I was told that gurudev had also arranged a tulsimala for me just in case I would fail for the third time, because he wouldn’t have let me go without harinam. Gurudev had chanted the whole day on the mala that he arranged for me. He gave me that mala and told me to chant 2 rounds on it, only once in a while. And I should do my regular daily japa on the mala that I had arranged myself. So I got harinam from Gurudev with two japamalas. This all happened within one week I stayed in Jalandhar in 2016. Gurudev was so merciful for this fallen soul that he arranged a japamal for my harinam.

I bring my obeisances at His lotus feet and beg for his blessings. Hare Krishna 🙏

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