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  • Madhuri Dasi, (Siksa Disciple, Chandigarh, India)

My Siksa Guru

Sri Sri Guru Gourango Jayate: Dandwat Pranaam to Pujya Maharaj Ji and all the devotees 🙏🏻

I am not qualified enough to write an offering for Pujya Maharaj Ji. But Maharaj Ji has been my Shiksha Guru since about 20 years now and the Guru-disciple journey still continues.....

Maharaj Ji has always bestowed his causeless mercy on a fallen soul like me. He taught me how to do Vaishnava Seva and how to follow Vaishnava etiquette and Vaishnava Siddhanta practically in this human form. The association of such a Param Param Vaishnava like Maharaj Ji for almost 20 years is like a dream come true, in this age of Kali. I owe this human birth to Pujya Maharaj Ji and even today, I look upon him for every bit and piece of guidance and strength, much needed in the path of Pure Bhakti.

I can feel his presence every moment even today, and would beg for the causeless mercy of all the devotees so that I keep getting the most pious association of a Param Vaishnava like Maharaj Ji, like always. My most humble obeisances to all the Vaishnavas and the devotees. Dasanudasi, Madhuri Dasi

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