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He Accepted Me Despite of My Anarthas

Dandwat pranam in the lotus feet of Gurudev. First time I saw him in a house program that was organised by a devotee in 2016 at East of Kailash, New Delhi. My sister Shamoli Dasi advised (in fact forced ) me to attend the Satsang. I went there with my husband. Gurudev was busy in preaching & was sorrounded by few vaishnavs (Sripad Madhav Priya Prabhu ji & few other). First time I saw & felt the holy aura of Gurudev.

My destiny opened the doors in March 2017 when we (myself, my mother & my Aunt- we 3) got Harinam from him during Navadwip Parikrama. Radhanath Das Prabhu Ji (Noida sector 55 math) guided & supported us for taking Harinam from Gurudev.

Again in June 2017, my destiny smiled on me & I got Diksha from him at Faridabad old math again with the help of another vaishnav - Narottam Prabhu ji.

Gurudev, you accepted me despite of my anartha & sins so please guide me & show the path in which I can earn some Harinam & vaishnav sanga.

Being a junior to most of the disciples, I don't know how to proceed in bhakti marg, please guide me & show the path so that I should not spoil my human life.

Once again, a prayer in the lotus feet of Gurudev, Paramgurudev & Guruparampara to bestow your unconditional mercy on me & make me to enter in the bhakti path.

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