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  • Chandrika and family (The Netherlands)

We Received Special Moments

Thank you Srila Guru Maharaj for giving me and my husband the gift of harinama from your lotus lips. Getting this opportunity was the gift from our beloved Gurudev BV Siddhanti Maharaj. The sweetness of your energy was so clear the moment we met you, even though it was only through Skype. And really I felt so at ease hearing your tone of voice and specific instructions. After this moment I had the wish to meet you personally, but unfortunately we did not manage to do so anymore. But even though this never happened I have been blessed, I believe that by your mercy we still received special moments because you blessed us whenever we had desires towards bhakti. Through the available books we try to get to know you better. And we try to learn from your extraordinary humble mood and words. This year we did visit your Samadhi in Mayapur, but it was closed. And by chance another day, when we were walking by (we were hearing towards gurudev his lecture) there was arati performed and we even got your maha prasadam. I hope that you and Gurudev will continue to bless us and our children for the rest of our lives with strength and steadyfastness, so we can continue our lives with this gift of spirituality. Hare Krishna, Chandrika, Daya Nidhi, Nimai and our Still unborn daughter.

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