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  • Ananga Mohini Devi Dasi (Himachal Pradesh, India)

My Life will be Successful When You Think of Me as Yours

Offering myself again lifetime after lifetime I humbly ask you to accept this low caste materialist. By your loving glance I can rise above the deceptional temporary world and exclusively serve you with body, mind and soul. By seeing you, hearing your nectarean Hari Katha and accepting Prasad from your lotus hands, its stated in scriptures that my deliverance is guaranteed. The eagerness to obtain the ultimate goal lies in overcoming the so called glamour of this life will come when I focus on what you have given generously without discrimination. What fool will not take advantage of his human birth by not serving the Lord's dear devotees. When will my great fortune arise and the mission of your very soul be my only cause? I must be the greatest offender by showing an outward display of dedication to you but inwardly seeking to experience new mundane pleasures.

Still, out of your causeless mercy, you have given me shelter by instructing us all to chant the holy name and to serve and remember the Vaishnavas. With your blessing alone anything is possible because by your love infused with sweet devotion you control the supreme controller. So if you see even a single atom of sincerity within me please bless me that every second I can be carried away in service to your lotus feet.

Let me stay obediently near you with your instructions radiating through my being like a dog to his master whether he is rewarded or chastised. In this universe there is no one greater then a devotee of Lord Krishna except a devotee of His devotees. Since that is the special jewel that you embody the Lord Himself considers you the best among the best and has given to us due to His causeless mercy. By pleasing you all of our spiritual desires will surely be fulfilled and the misery that will inevitably come from past sinful activity will bring effect like a person who feels an ant crawling on their skin. To call you mine is simple and natural because of your exalted position and complete compassion for the fallen. However when you think of me as yours then my life will be successful. All glories all glories all glories to your divine appearance to eradicate the impeding Kali Yuga by your transcendental message of service to the servant of the servant.

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