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  • Ekanata devi dasi (Russia), Disciple

"He is Hari-kirtana Murti"

What can I say? I do not have any personal stories related to Guruji. I do not understand all his glory of all power and beauty, the depth of my Guruji's personality. Only to a certain extent can I appreciate his mercy towards me. As far as my limitations allow me. Gurudev as the ocean of nectar, deep and mighty, and I am only a small fish that has found refuge in it.

He saved me. He pulled out of the quagmire of doubt, critical thinking. I wanted to attain bhakti, but my faith was undermined. I did not know who to trust and where to go. I prayed and sought communication with the Sad-guru, one who sees my heart and resolves all internal contradictions. To those who will give me a connection with Sri Sri Radha Madhava. Srila Bhakti Raksak Sridhar Maharaj said that not only we are looking for, but also Bhagavan Himself is looking for his lost servants. This is our luck and hope. Otherwise, we would not have a chance. Sad-guru is like thousands of mothers and can wipe away tears from thousands of crying eyes. This is my Guruji.

My great good fortune was that I listened to his Hari-katha in Vrndavana, during the Kartika of 2016. Before that, I read articles based on his katha and listened to records. His katha responded in my heart. She was very relevant, alive. Strong, simple and at the same time thin and immersive. As a long "aftertaste", contact with the Beauty and Harmony of spiritual reality. Every time I saw him, the lines from Sri Prabhupada-Padma-Stavakah appeared in the mind: krpaya hari-kirtana-murti-dharam dharani-bhara-haraka-gaura-janam Param-Gurudeva Srila Bhakti Daita Madhava Maharaja gave him the title ‘Seva-vigraha’. He served Sri Guru and many Vaisnavas and generously gave love to Vaisnavas and their blessings in his Hari-katha.

Hari-katha was the only service that he could outwardly perform in recent years. Sometimes I heard that Guruji complains that he can not do anything else. But he devoted himself entirely to this service with great love for his Guru-Varga and mercy and compassion for us - Hari-kirtana Murti.

Disagreements between different groups of devotees hurt me, but Guruji healed me with his love. Gave a harmonious vision and a sense of one family. I knew many things only in words, but it was he who filled them with his experience, gave a sense of contact with these realities. He is a true tattva-darshi. Listening to him, I gained faith in him as in the Tattva-rasa-gya Vaishnava, one who knows tattva and rasa. I am happy to take shelter at his lotus feet. Jai Gurudev! Sri Rupanuga Guru-Varga ki jai! Ekanata devi dasi (Russia)

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