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  • Shamoli Dasi (Noida, India), Disciple

"Gurudeva, Please Come!"

Oh Gurudeva! Where are you? I miss you. Will I ever get a chance to be with you again? I cannot forget that serious, neutral and other worldly gaze, that sometimes made me wonder what actually you were looking at! Occasionally, a slight smile, or looking at the sewak to re-state the doubts asked by a devotee, with a very charming garland, you surrounded by the devotees, waiting long for you and attentively listening to each single word spoken by your lotus mouth.

The collection of your lectures in the book Visuddha Caitanya Vani; the audios and videos and your glorification at the virah mahotsavs has brought so much more of you. Now I stand in awe thinking as to how beautifully you lived your life in full surrender unto the lotus feet of param gurudeva and guru parampara!

Your repeated reminders of celebrating the appearance and disappearance days of Vaishnavas and thereafter glorifying them has made me feel as if I know them personally! Year after year speaking and listening about those great personalities has developed special affection for them within me!

Gurudeva, please come and deliver me the reassurance that I am still under your protection; please come to accept my services; please come and show me - your rare, guileless, child-like, broad smile, the way you smiled while blessing me on my birthday!

I have heard that Gurudeva never departs, you are the one who is nearest to me! But I don’t have such realization and I really, really wish to see you. Please come!

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