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  • Chandrasekhar Das (Faridabad), Siksa Disciple

"His Words Made Such an Impact on My Heart"

We mostly heard the explanation of the word 'Guru' means heavy. But after I met Maharaj-ji, I realised the inner meaning of this. When I first saw Maharaj-ji in 2011 or 12 and heard his hari katha, in which he explained how shradha was to be performed and what is the reason behind that. His words made such an impact on my heart that till today I cannot forget them. By the mercy of Lord Hari, before Maharaj-ji manifested his asvastha leela (sickness pastime), I was fortunate to be with him for quite some time, when he gave discourses about Jagannath pastimes in East of Kailash or in Radha Madhav Gaudiya Math, Faridabad. His words are so simple yet make such an impact on everyone's heart. He is not only my siksha guru but non-different from my spiritual master as well. Every year before gaur purnima, gurudev invited him as a special guest in Gopinath Gaudiya Math, Mayapur on disappearance day of Madhavendra Puri Pad. Once I had a fortune to be with Maharaj-ji for 2-5 minutes alone in Faridabad. That conversation with him was really the gift which Lord gave me. Shastra says that: Lord and his associates are transcedental and always with us. Hope Maharaj-ji always showers his mercy on me so that the one of his main teachings - "our obstacles in bhakti named kanak, kamini and pratishtha can easily be removed by serving the vaishnavas" can be achieved and I can serve the hari, guru and vaishnav without any duplicity. dandvat pranam,

Chandrashekhar Das.

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