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  • Lalita Kisori Dasi (Bangalore), Siksa Disciple

"Having Your Association Is My Sole Credit"

Dear Maharaj,

We have been asked to write about you, our memories, However, how can mere words convey all your glories? You came to us without our seeking, To bestow upon us your invaluable teaching. We were immersed in the darkness of ignorance, And you gave your association for our deliverance. Instructing us through your loving servants, With the limbs of bhakti you made us conversant. Offer prayers to Vaishnavas every morning, For their mercy, have deep yearning. Service to them is the right path to devotion, With their backing, you are guaranteed promotion. Sing glories of Lord by understanding their meaning, For association of devotees, constantly be seeking. Do not aspire for mundane fame, Always be immersed in the bliss of name. At your lotus feet many I have committed offence, But about them you simply pretended ignorance. What it is like to not have envy for anyone, With your life, you have showed this to everyone. For my fortune, there is no limit, Having your association is my sole credit. Without the remembrance of your lotus feet, let there not be a day, To your loving Radha Nayananath Jiu, this is what I pray. - Your aspiring servant.

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