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  • Anandini Devi Dasi, (Disciple, Holland)

Vaisnava Seva is Most Important

All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga. First of all I would like to offer my humble obeisances to the lotus feet of my most beloved Gurudeva, nitya lila pravista om visnupada astotarra sata Sri Srimad Bhakti Vijnana Bharati Gosvami Maharaja. Im also offering my dandavat pranams to all my Siksha Guru’s en to all the Vaisnavas and Vaisnavi’s. Even though I am not qualified to offer my pushpanjali to my Srila Gurudeva, still somehow I am begging for his causeless mercy and take this opportunity to glorify my beloved Srila Gurudeva.

In 2016 I received diksha on my birthday and Srila Gurudeva told me that he also got his Diksha imitation on his birthday. In this way I immediately felt so much connection with my beloved Gurudeva. The most important teaching I received from my Gurudeva is about performing seva, service for the Vaisnavas. It doesn’t depend on the hours, it is entirely dependent on concentration of mind. It entirely depend on surrender and service.

You should always try to utter the holy names ‘Hare Krsna’ (maha mantra) and serve the vaisnava’s, as much as practicable. It does not depend on the quantity but on quality, the mood. So if you are remembering the Vaisnava’s everyday, it may be a very small quantity but it should be done everyday. The daily remembering of Vaisnava’s and serving them is the most powerful way to progress towards God. In this way Gurudeva also told all his disciples to watch daily on The Vaisnava Calendar, to see if there is an appearance- or disappearance day of a Vaisnava. So in this way you can remember and glorify this Vaisnava.

In 2017, there was a big festival organized with my Gurudeva in Ambala. Together with my Prabhu we booked our flights and everything. I was happy to finally meet my Gurudeva, but before this festival took place, Gurudeva entered in Nitya Lila. In this way I feel so much seperation of my beloved Gurudeva.. Altough I know that my Gurudeva is always here with me, I pray to his Lotus feet to always keep me close to him and guide me on this beautiful path of bhakti. Your aspiring servant, Anandini Devi Dasi (Holland)

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