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  • S.K. Soor, (Disciple, Holland)

Life is Successful

I offer my pranam to my Harinama/Diksha guru Srila Vijgana Bharati Maharaj.

Some very special things happen once in a life time and when you know that you have had the opportunity to have touched the lotus feet of a pure devottee then you know that life is successful.

I offer my gratitude to the lord that I had the opportunity to stay with Gurudev in Goargon for 3 weeks. Although it was a short time, it was enough to have personally spoken to him, which I now realized was a gift on my spiritual path.

Gurudev lived the life of all the verses we read about in the sastras and was the perfect example of what he preached. He had the softness of a child and was thus so approachable.

Gurudev I offer my humble obesiences at your lotus feet.

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