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  • Sudevi Dasi, (Siksa Disciple, Jalandhar, India)

I Was a Lucky Child

When I was young Maharaj ji used to visit Radha Madhav Mandir in Jalandhar to shower their blessings upon us. At that time I didn't know much about who are vaishnavs.

I used to visit the temple daily, everyday after Arati Srila Maharaj ji distribute Ladoo Mahaprasad and when in order take mahaprasad who ever goes Srila Maharaj ji with their merciful eyes shower blessings to that person and after taking mahaprasad everyone feels enthusiastic and full of joy.

And we also got the opportunity to have uchishta Mahaprasad of Srila Maharaj ji daily. And having their mercy through Mahaprasad everyone's seva vritti becomes more powerful.

Their are a lot of memories but are no words to explain about that kripa we got from Srila Maharaj ji.

He has literally taken as out of dirt and place us upto Lotus Feets Sri Sri Radha Madhav ji.

My dandavat pranams.

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