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  • Karunamayi Devi Dasi (Disciple, Jalandhar, India)

"I Have Come Only For You!"

When Srila Guru maharaj visited Jalandhar, many devotees received initiation into harinama mahamantra from him and two devotees got initiated into the diksa mantras. My sister, too, received harinama from him the same day, but I could not join her then. The next day, I went to receive Gurudeva's darsana and I begged him, 'O Gurudeva, I couldn't come yesterday. Can you please give me initiation into harinama mahamantra today?' Guru maharaja answer very compassionately, 'I have come here only for you all. I'll give you harinama tomorrow.'

Me and my daughter received initiation into harinama mahamantra and our spiritual names from him the next day; I was named as Karunamayi devi dasi. I was not happy in my family life and I had questions to ask from Gurudeva. After initiating me into harinama mahamantra, Guru maharaj said, 'Who doesn't suffer? We have Prahalad maharaj's example in front of us. Does anyone treat you as Prahlada maharaj was treated by his father?'

He, then, narrated the entire pastime of Prahlada maharaj to me. I bursted out to tears. I said to him, 'O gurudeva, you know everything. I didn't need to tell you anything.' He insrtucted me, 'Never leave harinama. Always continue to serve sadhus accordingly.'

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