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  • Visakha Dasi (Siksa Disciple, Jalandhar, India)

He Loved Us More Than a Father

Whenever Sri Gurudevaji would visit us in Jalandhar, he would speak harikatha and the way he would make us understand his katha was so special! He always loved us more than a 'father', I miss those days so much. With what words can I describe those days and Maharajaji's glories? Will those days come again? I love you, Gurudevaji. I offer millions of obeisances at your lotus feet.

Please bestow your mercy on us all forever. Oh merciful Gurudevaji! Krpamayi Vaisnava Thakura!

Gaura Premanande, hari hari bol!

Your Servant Visakha Dasi (Vijayalaxmi)

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