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  • Anang Manjari Devi Dasi (Disciple, India)

Gurudev Has Love & Affection Of Thousands Of Mothers

Dandavat pranam in the lotus feet of my Gurudev. Gurudev, please forward my pranam to Paramgurudev & Guruparampara. I am not in a position to offer pranam to Guruparampara due to my sins.

I dont know how to give my offerings to Gurudev but still I will try to write some lines about how & where I met him.

In 2016, during Jaggannath parikrama at Puri I saw him first time & thought - will it be possible for me to take shelter under his lotus feet. I was little afraid also because of his high vaishnav status & my anartha, without knowing that Gurudev has love & affection of thousands of mothers in his heart.

On 14.12.16 my fortune shined, when I got a chance to take diksha from him in Gurgaon with other devotees.

In 2019, I have faced lot of problems at my work place but gradually all problems resolved by my Gurudev only.

O Gurudev, you are showing me the spiritual path carrying a lantern in your hand. Please do not leave me because of my lots of anarth.

Please bestow your unconditional love & mercy on me & help me to attain nishtha as well as bhakti towards yourself & Shri Radha Krishna.

Once again dandwat pranam to you & Guruparampara.

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