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  • Swami BV Sajjan, (Siksa disciple, USA)

A Cloud of Mercy Sprinkle Soothing Cool Rain

On this most Holy occasion of you divine appearance day, Please accept my koti dandavat pranam with affection to you divine lotus feet!

A saddhaka may have many siksa guru’s to guide him on the path of perfection, to Suddha Bhakti. You are in the special category of my Siksa Gurus who touched my heart deeply!

Sri Guru, Sad-Guru is like a conductor of electric prema from the power house of Sriimate Radhikas Pure Love for Her Priiyatama and Beloved Sri Krsna! Nityananda prakash is manifested personally in the form of Sad-Guru to the sincere seeker.

Now I am here in Sri Vrndavana Dhama and now is when Ratha Yatra is currently taking place in Jagannatha Puri in a most unusual manner during the lockdown placed due to the Corona Virus concern.

You have Karuna Virus and are infecting those who are in your association and are inspiring those fortunate to receive this inspiration to increase and expand their Bhakti creeper.

I fondly remember being with you in Nilacala Puri one year during Ratha Yatra.Your Harikatha was always so full of deep siddhanta, yet very sweet realizations and sweet enthusiasm as always! That was my first time to be in Puri during the Lord’s travel with His Sister Subhadra and Brother Baladeva to Vrndavan Gundica Mandir.

This was so amazing for me, after being in Ratha Yatras in many cities all over the world, to finally be in Puri Dhama and seeing the actual original Ratha Yatra which Sri Chatinya Mahaprabhu blessed with His presence and ecstatic dancing accompanied with His Nitya Parikaras, as well.

Particularly I remember being with you in your bhajan kutir and you asking me how I was, etc. I began to excitedly explain to you my impressions of being present and finally having darshan with Lord Jagannatha, Baladeva, Subhadra, and Sudarshan, personally face to face!!!

You were very pleased by my enthusiastic expressions and then very affectionately patted me strongly on the shoulder and head!! I then felt your divine shakti and love, deeply entering into me!

This and other receptions are reminiscent of my Srila Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada and Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Goswami’s Divine Shakti and Love emanating and entering into this fallen and unworthy soul!


Like here in Braja Dhama especially during the hot season when the electricity goes off and the cooling and fans are similarly not functioning, and then after sometime, (and long periods, especially) it is really a relief when the electricity comes back on! Similarly, being with a Suddha Vaisnava, like you and my Gurudeva, Siksa and Sannyasa Gurudevas, it is such a relief after burning up in this desert like existence and having a cloud of mercy sprinkle soothing cool rain!

I humbly prostrate myself at your divine lotus feet, which you mercifully allowed my to massage even in public gatherings, to please continue and never stop showering me with your loving glances and nectarean Harikatha, which is so soothing for my parched heart in this desert like existence in the material manifestation.

I would also especially like to thank Srila Maharaja for inspiring his followers, VCV Sanga to always remind us of tithis by sending Calendar reminders on Facebook, Whatsapp and Email and also for constantly reminding us of his pure words in the form of articles based on his hari-katha, darsanas and appreciations of the phenomenal Acaryas from our Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Parivara.

Your aspiring servants, servant, servant....

Swami Bhaktivedanta Sajjan

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