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  • Radhakant Prabhu (Chandigarh), Siksha Disciple

With Srila Maharaj in Vrindavan

Shri Shri Guru Gaurangau Jayate!

Though I had opportunities to associate with Shrila Maharaj ji at Chandigarh, Mayapur and Puri yet I had never been with him in Vrindavan. My wish came true in 2015 when after Purshottam month Shrilla Maharaj ji visited Puri for Rathyatra and then to Vrindavan for Radha Ashtmi.

In 2015, I got many opportunities to associate with him. First it was Ram Navami and Purshottam maas during April and May in Shri Chaitnya Gaudiya Math, Chandigarh. Then I visited for Rathyatra in Puri and when I came to knew he is visiting Vrindavan for Radha Ashtmi, I also reached at Shri Vinod Vani Gaudiya Math at Kaliadah, Vrindavan. Shrila Maharaj ji attended Radha Ashtmi at Govardhan and next morning he visited to Shri Vinod Vani Gaudiya Math. I was already there since last night. Early morning I paid my pranam to Shrila Maharaj ji. He was surprised and happy to see me there. He asked me how come I made my plan to visit Vrindavan. I said “ Maharaj ji, I have your darshan in Chandigarh, Mayapur and Puri but never in Vrindavan. So I came here to associate you in Vrindavan”. Shrila Maharaj ji said “ Is there any difference between Mayapur and Vrindavan?” I was speechless. Though I said “ Maharaj ji I heard in your katha about your Brij Mandal Parikarma along with our Param Gurudev and your God brothers. Though I could not make it at that time, still it was my desire to be with you at Vrindavan.” He smiled at me.

Later at around 10.30 am we had a program at Shri Vinod Vani Gaudiya Math for honouring Shrila Maharaj ji on his visit to the math. Shrilla Maharaj Ji glorified Shrilla Bhakti Sarvasav Giri Goswami Maharaj ji, who founded this math. Shrila Maharaj ji said “ Shrila Giri Maharaj ji was my Shiksha Guru. I got shiksha from him that never be lazy, be always alert and don’t let a theft take place in math. Shrila Govind Maharaj has done a great job by making his Samadhi mandir here. His deity looks alike him exactly, the same smile and height. Once I was to accompany him for registry but Shrila Giri Maharaj was so slow in getting ready that we got late and the Registrar refused to register. However I persuaded him so he was agreed for the registry.” Further Shrila Maharaj ji spoke “Main hall of the math had been constructed small however pillars were left so that the hall can be expanded later if need be. “ Later we had bhandara parsad at the math.


​At afternoon I asked Shrila Maharaj ji if I should stay one more day for his evening katha. Shrila Maharaj ji knew my background very well. So Shrila Maharaj ji said very politely and affectionately “ Your taking more leave from office is not good. Better you go back Chandigarh. Very soon I shall be there for Kartik month, then you will have daily katha there.” I agreed to his instructions and prepared for return journey. Sripad Madhavpriya Prabhuji asked me “ its your own independent decision to stay or not, why you asked Shrila Maharaj ji to stay. You could have stayed one more day?” I said “ Prabhuji, I already had a feeling that I am away from my job and Shrila Maharaj ji know very well that I should not take unnecessary leaves.” And I returned to Chandigarh the same evening.

Shrila Maharaj Ji again visited in Shri Chaitnya Gaudiya Math on 02.10. 2015 much before the start of Kartik month and stayed there till 16.12.2015 and we again got immersed in his divine katha and association.

🙏Vanchha Kalpatru Bhayevach…

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