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  • Man Mohan Das (Mexico City)

I Beg for Your Grace Birth After Birth

śrī kṛṣṇa caitanya kṛpaika vittaḥ yaḥ maryādā rakṣati vaiṣṇavānāṁ kṛpāvalaṁ mādhava preṣṭha kāmī śrī bhaktidaṁ bhāratim āśrayāmaḥ I accept shelter at the lotus feet of the most revered Śrī Śrīmad Bhakti Vijñāna Bhāratī Gosvāmī Mahārāja, who treasures the mercy of Śrī Kṛṣṇa Caitanya Mahāprabhu as his exclusive wealth; who is the personification of following vaiṣṇava etiquette in its purest form; who considers the boundless mercy of Śrī Śrīmad Bhakti Dayita Mādhava Gosvāmī Mahārāja as his life and soul, and always aspires to eternally remain his dearmost servitor; and who bestows Śrī Bhakti to one and all, without discrimination. Only by the mercy of Sri Guru one can receive the mercy of Bhagavan; without it one cannot get any progress. I adore your lotus feet Gurudev. The sacred scriptures proclaim unanimously that Sri Guru is saksat-hari, Hari himself. This is an irrefutable fact and corroborated by all saintly persons. Yet at the same time, Sri Guru is very dear to Bhagavan. I adore your divine lotus feet Gurudev who is inconceivably one with and non different from Bhagavan. I have no doubt of your outstanding quality in the seva you perform, by carrying out the sakhis arrangements for the perfection of Sri Sri Radha-Krishna’s amorous pastimes within the groves of Vraj. Because of this, you are very dear to Them and all. To you, who grants the gift of the transcendental vision, from whom emanates prema-bhakti that destroys all ignorance; I offer my respect and admiration. I beg for your grace birth after birth. Indeed is really rare to obtain this human life after all, but it is even more rare to have the unique opportunity, by astounding good fortune, get to glimpse a pure devotee of Sri Hari like you. Your eyes are the abode of all bliss. Seeing a person so miserable and of such low category as me, voluntarily you've granted me harinam even without my asking. I am so selfish and insignificant, my mind is constantly absorbed in mundane matters. I do not possess any devotional merit. Yet you still instruct me about Sri Vrindavan and the treasure of cultivate, worship and develop attachment to Sri Sri Radha-Krishna and Their devotees. Your outstanding living example of how to serve Vaishnavas certainly has been such a wonderful teaching which I honour and worship as the most precious jewel I could ever have from the deep of my heart, and that you have shared to everyone freely and abundantly. I'll be always indebted and grateful for such a gift you've given, for this is truly Krishna's mysterious heart. Oh Gurudeva, be merciful! Give me a drop of your mercy and make me more humble than a blade of grass. Give me the strength to tolerate all eventualities and make me free from my vanity. Your mercy is the essence of my whole existence. If you are not merciful to me then, weeping and weeping, I will not be able to sustain my life. You who are the blissful embodiment of Krishna's mercy and the reservoir of compassion for the destitute; who manifests bhakti, bhav and prema, oh savior of the fallen, please! never forget me, who am alone in this world. I am a beggar at your door. I beg you, do not let your heart forget me. Please, forgive all my offenses, my negligence and impurities.

All glories to you. All glories to Param Gurudev, your most beloved Bhakti Dayita Madhava Gosvami Maharaj, and all glories to all Guru-varga.

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