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  • Swami BV Bhagavat (Alachua Florida)

His Humility Shined With a Special Radiance

I offer my most humble obeisances at the holy lotus feet of His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Vijnana Bharati Goswami Maharaja. His humility and kindness were divine ornaments that decorated his transcendental personality. He was a master storyteller who could illuminate the path of realization by his astute explanations and answers to the most complex questions. He would start out

talking about your point then shift to a story that appeared irrelevant and sometimes even told another story within that story. At some point, I would become completely befuddled that what has all this to do with my question? Then like the sun coming out from behind the darkest clouds suddenly everything would be illuminated and he would tie everything up together leaving me speechless in the presence of his deep circuitous explanations. His transcendental brilliance really defies description. However, in the face of all of this, his humility shined with a special radiance that captured the eyes of proud people like myself softening our hearts. He glorified the Vaishnavas always considering it his duty considering it the process by which he would become humble enough to wear the ornament of trinad api sunicena taror api sahishnuna. By his sweet Hari Katha glorifying the Vaishnavas, we learned of the depth of the glories of so many Vaishnava devotees that we never knew of before. We also learned new things about the glories of the Vaishnavas that we had heard of that we never knew before as well. His desire to glorify the Vaishnavas was unlimited and full of sweetness. His kindness to the devotees by sharing his transcendental wisdom was like a deep well of water that had no bottom to it. He would spend hours of his time on a daily basis patiently answering questions and regaling us with his stories to enlighten us with the transcendental knowledge Krishna Consciousness. He always gave us hope that the possibility of becoming Krishna Conscious was there for us in this very lifetime. Sacrificing everything to take care of those who took shelter of him he left his Guru Maharaja’s institution to give shelter to those who had surrendered to him, heart and soul. He felt and believed that providing shelter for the welfare of others was significantly more important than anything else in his life. His love for the fallen souls was immeasurable, as he desired always their greatest welfare; he was magnanimous to us beyond estimation. I miss his soft, loving, and reassuring voice filled with wisdom and hope. I miss his eyes full of love, his smile full of compassion, and the gravity of his demeanor, which imparted to us the seriousness of the calamitous position we were in called the material world. And he was our guide to walk the path of Bhakti that was the only path out of the maze of Maya, the illusory material world. No one could hope or pray for a better Siksha guru than Srila Bharati Maharaja he was my saving grace in my darkest hour. I am fallen beyond hope of salvation so I am praying to Srila Bharati Maharaja to please give me his mercy and illuminate the path for me by bestowing upon me his loving sidelong glance. All Glories to His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Vijnana Bharati Maharaja the transcendental messenger of Srimati Radhika and her divine lover Sri Krishna. Submitting these words at your lotus feet I remain your fallen servant Swami B.V. Bhagavat

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