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  • Rasavihari Das (Jammu, India), Siksa Disciple

Both, My Gurudeva and Maharaja Would Glorify Each Other

All Glory to Sri Guru and Gauranga

At First, I pray for the Divine Blessings of my Most Revered Gurudev, HDG Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaj.

I pray for the Divine Blessings of my Most Revered Shiksha Guru, HDG Srila Bhakti Vigyan Bharti Goswami Maharaj, I offer my humble Shradhanjli!

Parampujyapad Srila Bharati Maharaj gave abundant love and affection to me! I could not repay him! Whenever Gurudev’s Preaching program used to be organised anywhere, Pujyapad Bharati Maharaj would always accompany as the Most charismatic member of the group!

In Jammu, the city of temples, the Preaching tours started from the year 1979.

For pious people of Jammu, seeing Gaudiya Saints dancing in the Nagar Kirtan was very beautiful and surprising!

The Hari Katha was held thrice a day, where after my Gurudev’s discourse Srila Bharati Maharaj used to speak on the same topic but in a unique way.

Every year we got the golden opportunity of hosting the Preaching party for a Day program at our Shastri Nagar home: ‘Srivas Angan Ashrit’. For many years.

I got the opportunity to perform welcome Arti!

Once while giving discourse, Gurudev started singing the transcendental glories of Srila Bharati Maharaj! But Gurudev was so much obsessed by the glorious spiritual qualities of Srila Bharati Maharaj that this glorification continued for more than one hour! All were mesmerised!

Gurudev spoke very high of him! He described Srila Bharati Maharaj ‘s great endeavour for the establishment of Sree Chaitanya Gaudiya Math organisation.

His relentless volcanic efforts to build temples and Ashrams of the Math. How much hardship Undertaken by Srila Bharati Maharaj in the service of our Param Gurudev’s Institution.

Srila Gurudev didn’t stop there, He continued to speak about the great personality and character of Srila Bharati maharaj in very reverential way! ‘Acharan Parayan Vaishnav ‘ he said.

In the same way Srila Bharati Maharaj used to speak very high about Srila Gurudev! “Your Gurudev is perfectly established in the mood of Trinadapi Sunichena” Srila Bharati Maharaj would say that.

I am very unqualified to say anything about their transcendental relationship. It’s beyond my capacity. I am very sorry for loosing their Divine association so early together!

I wish to pay my Humble Shradhanjli on 23 September at Mayapur dham!



(Dr. Rajendra Mishra, PhD)

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