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"You are Non-different from Nityananda"

My dear most gurudev, I am unable to glorify you with my own words, but you always taught us how it is important to glorify all the vaishnavas ; so I  cannot lose this opportunity... repeating our Srila Vrindavan Das thakur words : 


“man nityananda boli dako 

emon doyal probhu aar na paibe kabhu

hridoy kamale kori rakho"


O my mind please chant the name of Nityananda. You’ll never get such a merciful lord again. Keep him within the lotus of your heart.”  


Gurudev, you are non-different from Srila Nityananda Prabhu, I pray you to please make my heart as a lotus for you to sit on and never leave me, for I will never find such a merciful master again. 

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