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  • Jeet Krishna Das (Jalandhar, India), Disciple

"Your Faith in Guru-Sadhu-Sastra is Exemplary"

sri krishna chaitanya kripaika vittah yah maryada rakshati vaishvanam kripavalam madhava prestha kami sri bhaktidam bhartim ashrayamah All Glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga!! O Srila Gurudev! What I can say in your glorification, words cannot express how great you are and how compassionate, that you accepted a most degraded soul like me as your disciple.

As you always say, by glorifying vaishnavas our heart becomes clean, am just trying to clean myself by singing your glorification. You are just not a Guru or Father to me but a mentor and a most compassionate soul to all the vaishnava community. Your faith in Guru, Sadhu, Shastra is examplary for the whole world.

Every time I heard you say, "The day when there is appearance or disappearance of a vaishnava, stop all kathas and glorify the personality that day", this faith in our Acaryas' tithis is unmatchable. Your love towards all the jiva atmas is noticable and compassion towards fallen is your mercy.

Srila Gurudeva! You are a personification of scriptural siddhanta and perfect example of vaishnavas who carry Dham with yourself.

Am such a fallen soul that I am not following your instructions properly, and I know that you must be upset with that. But I am just dependent on your causeless mercy. Your insignificant servant, Jeet Krishna Das.

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