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  • Phullara Devi Dasi (Hong Kong), Disciple

"I Cannot Ever Repay You"

Dandavat pranam, Hare Krishna my Gurudeva,

All Glories to Sri Sri Gauranga and Srila Gurudeva!

I accepted diksha from Gurudeva in Nov 2016, on Kartika-ekadasi.

Actually, I had already accepted harinam and diksha from my Gurumaharaja- Sripada BV Siddhanti Maharaja in 2013. My Gurumaharaja told me that if you have the chance, you should have darshan and hear the mantras from Srila Maharaja as well. I always remember my Gurumaharaja’s words. Around 7th Nov 2016, I went to Vrindavana with my godsisters, and the next day was going to depart for Jaipur. We wanted to have darshan of the three original forms of Lord Krishna (Madana Mohan, Govindaji, Radha-Gopinatha).

But before leaving for Jaipur, I got a message from Gurumaharaja that Srila Maharaja had arrived in Vrindavana, was staying in Gopinatha bhavan and will speak hari-katha. I immediately asked my godsisters - Syamali and Suchandra, will you accompany me to have darshan with Srila Maharaja? They agreed to go with me.

The next day, we arrived there and waited for about 2 hours outside his room, praying and imagining how it would be to meet him. Gurumaharaja had told us to look for Madhavapriya Prabhu, but we couldn't find him anywhere and didn't know whom to speak with. Then a miracle happened - suddenly Gurudeva’s servant opened the door, and we three glanced through the door, and saw Gurudeva seated inside a mosquito net. He looks gentle and soft. I started speaking to his servant that I would like to take diksha from him, would you please kindly help us and seek his blessings?

His servant spoke in hindi and we three sat near Gurudeva’s bed, and I took note of his clear guidelines. After completing the process, he gave us fruits. Then we remembered that it was ekadasi, and indeed, we hadn’t eaten anything at all, we just came straight to meet him first thing in the morning. He seemed to know that we didn’t have anything at all. He was so sweet and caring. Many thanks my dear Gurudeva. I really cannot repay you ever.

Hare Krishna.

Yours insignificant servant,

Phullara-devi dasi

Hong Kong

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