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  • Paramesvari Devi Dasi (Mexico), Disciple

"I Can't Repay You"

Shri Krishna Caitanya kripaika vittah yah maryada rakshati vaishnavanam kripavalam madhava preshtha kami shri bhaktidam bharatim ashrayamah

First I want to offer Dandavats pranams to Srila Gurudev and say thanks so many times, because even if I don't deserve it He gave me shelter and let me serve Him. He Gave me the opportunity to go to the Holy Dham and see him...after so many years looking for a Pure devotee, He appear like the moon Lord Nitai saving the most fallen souls and taking us to the goal with so much love that I can't believe. Now He is here even if I can't see him, even if I'm unqualify, because of his great compassion.

Thank you so much Gurudev , I can't repay you. Please don't leave me, I really need you, I can't do it alone, you are my only hope 🙏. Sometimes I remember the great fortune when we saw you after you go to the eternal pastimes of Sri Sri Radha Govinda. I remember your sweet smile looking us with compassion , your deep look seeing our soul, your voice so strong, so wise, caring everyone, taking us home, always teaching the real vaisnava seva... even if I couldn't understand every word, you always show us mercy. I wish I can feel more love and devotion for you... I offer my heart, please take it and change all the bad things inside me. Please accept my sincere obeisances to you.

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