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  • Anupama Dasi (Russia), Siksa Disciple

"He Revealed My Gurudeva To Me"

I met Srila Maharaj in 2012 in Mayapur just before Navadvip Dham parikrama. I was in dreadful condition after my diksa Guru Sri Srimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Goswami Maharaj left this world. So in 2011 I didn’t come to India and I spent the whole year praying to my Gurudev to send me guidance. I was so much upset and disappointed I didn’t know what to do and who to listen to. And just before the start of Navadvip parikrama with our Math a small group of us went to Mayapur and there we came to Sri Chaitanya Gaudia Math. Srila Bharati Maharaj was sitting near his room and smiled. All devotees there were so much kind and invited us to have darsan of Srila Bhaktivallobha Tirtha Goswami Maharaj. They said that unfortunately he did not speak hari katha due to his age but we could come in the evening time to listen to hari katha of Srila Bharati Maharaj. So after that invitation several of us started coming across the Ganga every evening to listen to hari katha of Srila Bharati Maharaj. Sometimes there was not any translation, we just sat, listened and looked at Srila Maharaj. And my mind became peaceful.

Over the next few years, whenever I came to India on Gaura Purnima or Kartik or Ratha Yatra for my vacations (they were so short, sometimes two weeks, sometimes one month, sometimes only one week) I always went to Srila Maharaj. He was so kind. He asked me about my life, my mother, about my job. Sometimes he smiled and sometimes looked at me very strictly and I understood where was my misbehavior. Gurudev gave me knowledge and Srila Maharaj revealed to me how to practice this knowledge. And he revealed my Gurudev to me, the meaning of Guru. Srila Maharaj gave me so much lessons, not directly, but even short time with him gave me a lot, a new life.

There were many amazing devotees near Srila Maharaj and some of them became my close friends. Now we can make phone calls and share our feelings and remember our sweet time with Srila Maharaj. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry. It supports me.

I cannot realize how much lucky I am.

I wish I could do my best in serving Srila Maharaj instead of thinking about mundane things...

It will be so nice if all of us again have an opportunity to get darsan of Srila Bharati Maharaj and listen to his hari katha and after it he will give us some sweets...

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