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  • Acyuta Krsna Dasa (USA/ India), Disciple

"Distance or Language Have Nothing to do With Our Relationship"

One time, Guru Maharaja was invited to a place in the mountains near Hamirpura for a huge 10 day festival celebrating a newly established math and a Deity installation ceremony. It was arranged that Guru Maharaja would stay in one room in the math itself during the festival. Myself, and several of the sevaks were staying in a family's house directly across the street from the math, which was where Guru Maharaja's kitchen was as well.

So for every meal, I was tasked to run Guru Maharaja's tiffin over to his room, leave it with the sevak there, and then return to the house. During the festival there was no english translation, and I was busy during Hari-Katha time also. So my time in close proximity to Guru Mahadaja was dramatically decreased during the course of the festival. This resulted in me feeling somewhat distant from him. As the days went by, and the feelings persisted, I knew I needed to express this to him and understand what was happening.

Then one day one of the sevaks and I found some time and I was able to inquire from him. I said "Gurudeva, these days I am not hearing your Hari Katha, and I never get to speak with you anymore, and I am feeling distant without being close to you as much." As he was sitting on his bed, gravely he responded. "Don't pay so much attention to these externals. Distance or language have nothing to do with our relationship." He continued in Hindi, and I was able to get more explanation from the sevak while we were sitting there. Guru Maharaja said, “Distance and language are not deciding factors on what type or quality of relationship someone has with Sri Guru and the Vaishnavas. Just because one may interact with someone externally, doesn't mean he necessarily has affection for them. The very act of service is what nourishes the connection, and however much love and affection that service is done with will determine how Sri Guru reciprocates with that individual.

So in this way he helped ease my concerns, and broaden my lens of vision to incorporate this new understanding that none of the apparent external circumstances are as important as performing seva with more heart, and with a firm conviction that Gurudeva will be pleased with this service, and in this way the connection with Gurudeva will grow stronger and stronger.

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