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  • Braja Kisora Dasa (South Africa), Disciple

"I Became Soft-hearted After Meeting Him"

Even though my physical association with Srila Gurudeva was just a few days, Immediately, upon my first meeting with Him, in Sri Dhama Mayapura during Gaura Purnima last year, I who was a very hard hearted person, felt something within me change, I become very emotional and since then my sadhana has improved significantly. I know that this was only by His causeless Mercy.

His love, patience and compassion to so many fallen souls like myself without judgment are testimony of Him being Patita pavana.

His minute attention to detail in speaking Hari Katha, Glorifying Vaisnanavas on Their divine Appearance and Disappeance days really stands out and is a great lesson for me to follow.

His radiant smile and glowing face is like nectar.

Tireless and loving service to Srila Param Gurudeva and many other of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Prabhupadas disciples, His Beloved Masters, was His life and soul.

Some anectodes of His that I strive by His mercy to live my life by are:

-Bhajans factually begins when there is no difference between who you are and what you project

-When one's consciousness is purified, one sees faults only within himself only and in no on else

-One who is distracted by criticism or praise can never become fixed in devotional service

- A disciple may not be intelligent and may not understand everything, but as long as he is sincere the process of Diksha will definitely bear fruit

-The act of giving never leads to any shortage for the giver. What is destined for us shall always remain with us

-If we are hearing and practicing the instructions of our Guru - Varga, then we are always with Them

-Have the conviction that what Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu has taught is the pure, topmost directive and it leads to the highest destination

I pray at Srila Gurudeva 's Lotus Feet that He please forgive me for my countless offenses and bless me with service at His Lotus Feet, life after life.

Aspiring for the service of Sri Hari, Guru and Vaisnavas,

Braja Kisora das (South Africa)

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