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  • Acyuta Krsna Dasa (USA/ India), Disciple

"He Knew My Current State of Mind Completely!"

It was April 2016, and Guru Maharaja was in Jalandhar, Punjab. I had just joined the (personal service) team a few weeks prior, and was still becoming acclimatised to the fast paced environment of being around Guru Maharaja, as well as learning to live in India. Guru Maharaja was staying in a three story house near the railway station. The kitchen we were using to prepare Guru Maharaja's prasadam was on the 3rd floor, while his room was on the ground floor. Needless to say, there was a constant rush up and down the narrow stairwell bringing down whatever was required for him.

There was one day in particular, which I will never forget where I was shown a glimpse into Guru Maharaja's magnificent qualities and compassion.

I was up in the kitchen and had been performing various services throughout the day, and had begun to feel very irritated due to many circumstances, and on top of being heavily chastisted by one of the sevakas for the innumerable mistakes I was making. The frustration was building, and I thought I was at my limit. Then one of the sevakas shouts, "Bring boiled water!" as he began to make his way down stairs. Guru Maharaja had a small flask which we would pour boiled water into, and it would keep it warm for many hours. I scrambled to begin boiling the water, and once it was finished, I used a cloth to hold and pour the pot of boiling water into the flask. However, I was holding the pot at the wrong angle, so the steam came rushing up, and severely burned my hand. Even more frustration began to rise to the surface as I made my way down stairs into his room.

As I walked into his room and placed the flask on his table, my mind became somewhat pacified due to his presence. He was just sitting peacefully on his bed as he did, watching the situation unfold. I sat down on the floor near him, waiting for some other task. Just then, he called for one of the sevakas to bring a pomegranate from the fruit basket, which he always had in his room. The sevaka handed it to him. He turned to look at me, signaling me to take it. I remember looking into his soft, illustrious glowing eyes as I took ahold of the pomegranate. His glance said everything, there was no need for words. I knew for certain at that moment, he knew my current state of mind completely, and everything that had just transpired. And there I sat, watching how he infused his mercy into this seemingly inanimate fruit, which was one of his preferred methods of delivery. He would always shower his compassion on all the devotees through the medium of prasada. Immediately I forgot all of the frustration, and felt fresh waves of inspiration to keep going. He knows the hearts and minds of all perfectly. This is the potency of Guru Maharaja.

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