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  • Radhika and Vrinda dasi (Mayapura)

Glorification Based on Visnu Sahasra Nama

Gurave gauracandraaya raadhikaayai tadaalaye krsnaaya krsna bhaktaaya tad bhaktaaya namo mamah.

On this auspicious day of your appearance what is the most honorable activity that one is eagerly waiting for? Glorifying You. You have taught us that whenever there is the appearance or disappearance day of a Vaisnava one should glorify him with all his capacity. We do not forget someone who has helped us and for this reason we would glorify him. This is something we follow in our common life. What to say about the Vaisnavas? Who eternally help us and who are our greatest well wishers. If we do not glorify them, then we are akrtajna (ungrateful) or we are under the category of guru drohi (ungrateful to his guru).

In the beginning I did not know what to write. Then I was inspired by a class of a Vaisnava telling that Guru and Vaisnavas have the same qualities of the Lord, except of creation, maintenance, destruction and rasalila. Afterwards I read the Visnu Sahasra Nama and decided that I would write Your glorification based on the names of the Lord. I wish that by reading these names the devotees may remember some pastimes of Gurudev connected with this qualities.

Puutaatmaa- He is pure in Nature; One who is not affected by the impurities of maayaa. Yogavidaam netaa- He guides the seeker to their goal. Sabhum- He is the source of all auspiciousness. Pavitram- He is pure and gives purity to the heart of others. Praanada- He gives life and animation. Sarana- He is the remover of the distress of those who take refuge in Him. Sarma- He is Him whose nature is supreme bliss. Vasumanaa- He has the noblest mind, He is free from any taint of material desires and jealousy. Samaatmaa- He is equal to all. Sarvavidbhaanu- He knows everything and illuminates everything. Janaardana- He is Him whom seeker pray for the fulfillment of their wishes. Angha- He is free from all sins, He has no imperfections and He is uncontaminated. Amogha- He does activities that are of great purpose. Madu- He tastes as sweet as the honey and He is the one who generates nectar bliss in the hearts. Sataam gati- He leads the souls to their goal of life. He is the direction, process and path. Nimisa- He has closed eyes in deep contemplation, thoughts and rememberance. Satyapaasakrama- He has the attribute of truthfulness. Netaa- He is the leader who protects, nurtures, nourishes and guides all living entities in this world. Suprasaada- He is benevolent and He becomes easily satisfied. Subhuja- He has beautiful arms protecting the world. Bhaskaradhyuti- His brilliance is similar to that of the sun. Aushodha- He is the immediate medicine for the burning sorrows of life. Jagata setu- He is the bridge over which one can safely cross the terrible samaara. Sistesta- He is liked by those who have spiritual discipline and he likes those who have it. He is the Supreme beloved for all spiritually inclined divine hearts. Asoka- He is without sorrow, ever blissful. Taarana- He helps the souls across the ocean of birth. Anukula- He is a hearty well wisher and friend of everyone. Subhioksana- His glance grants auspiciousness. Virata- He has turned away from material enjoyment. He is not associated with the agitation of the mind. Neya- He is the pioneer to lead everything. Sudarsana- He is easily perceived by those who have devotion. Visrama- He is the resting place for those who are tired of the miseries of this world. Sumukha- He has a beautiful, calm, and auspicious face. Suhrt- He is the friend of all the living entities. He is the true friend who gives all that he possesses without expecting any in return. Manohara- He secretly steals the hearts of the devotees. He is the one who generates an irresistible joy in the mind of the devotees and engages them to spend their time in constant worship of Him. Nandana- He is the one who makes other blissful. Svanga- He has beautiful and proportioned limbs. Sama- He has thought tranquility and mind control as the chief means for spiritual knowledge. Santa-He is peaceful within and has the sense organs perfectly controlled. Santi- His very nature is peace. Vijitaatmaa- He has won over his mind. Dhinnasansaya- He cuts off or solves all doubts. Sokanaasana- He removes the distress of the devotees. Visuddhaatmaa- He cleanses the sins of those who meditate upoin Him. Stavya- He is worthy of praise. Durgama- He is realized with great difficulty. Drga- He is reached after passing trough many obstacles. Prjany- He removes the distress of the creatures like the rain cloud. Paavana- He purifies everything associates with Him. Priyakrt- He accepts everything with love. Aanirvinna- He feels no tiredness, sorrow, weariness and disappointments . Adbhuta- He is wonder. Asaudra- He is never fierce in temperament. Akrura- He is never cruel. Pesala- He is supreme soft, He has infinite kindness and mercy and His heart is ever flowing out love towards His devotees. Ksaminaa vara- He has patience with the sinners and forgiveness for their sins. Punyasranakirtana- He is Him by uttering His names one gets the highest merit. Duhsvapranaasana- He puts an end to bad dreams which are the projections of troubled mind. Bhayaapaha- He destroys or removes all fears of those who take refuge in Him. Vidisa- He is benevolent. Suvira- He moves beautifully and in various ways which are all divinely glorious.

I would like to conclude with this verse: kaayena vaacaa manasendriyairva buddhayaatmanaa vaa prakrite svabhaavaat karomi yadhyatsakalam parasmai naaraayanaayeti samarpayaami.

" I offer everything to the Supreme Lord Narayana whatever I do with my body, by my speech, by my mind, by my intellect, by my nature or by my personality.

May this glorification be an attempt to please You.

I am grateful for everything you gave and still giving to me even though I do not deserve them.

I pray that on this auspicious day You can shower Your mercy to all of us and that this day can bring closeness as we had when we were all with You.

dasi dasanudas

Radhika and Vrinda

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