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  • Champakalata Dasi (Florida), Disciple

Deeper Understanding of Myself

Dandavat Pranam

I write this for my gurudeva who, if I never got the opportunity to meet, I would still be swimming and swimming furiously in this ocean of disappointment and sadness, which I was so used to being in.

I reflect on my life and what progress I have made from the oceans that drip into me from all of gurudeva's mercy flowing constantly and I have not made much.

But what I have done is gone deeper is my understanding of myself and what he has given me.

I will do anything to please him and it seems the animal and under-served seva [that I am currently engaged in] seems to be the right place for me.

Gurudeva, you have aligned the perfect sevakas to share who you are to all of us, who long daily to know you more and see you and serve you.

It brings me to tears the true beauty you so generously give.

I know I don’t really express myself properly for a female but know the feelings are there no matter what language you speak.

All glories to you each and every moment my joy and sorrow is shifting thanks to your incredible wisdom !!!!!

Champakalata Dasi Your aspiring servant

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