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Always Remembering Your Unconditional Love

Dear Guru Maharaja,

Always remembering your unlimited, unconditional love, mercy, and kindness:

- may I always be hopeful and not hopeless;
- may I always be patient and not demanding or feeling entitled;
- may I always be optimistic and not pessimistic;
- may I always be enthusiastic and not taking for granted;
- may I always be grateful that you accepted me as your disciple even from afar, and not morose that I never was in your physical presence;
- may I always be thankful for the little sevas you continue to arrange for me, and not sad that I cannot serve you more and better;
- may I always appreciate the rare devotee association I’ve been blessed with, and not be overwhelmed with lamentation over my physical separation and isolation from you and devotees;
- may I always remain content to serve you and Vaisnavas wherever and in whatever condition I find myself, without undue consideration of my own happiness, comfort, and material/spiritual advancement.

Your most junior servant,

Kesava dasa


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