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  • Devaki Dasi (Jalandhar, India), Disciple

"You Will Get Sweets After Diksa"

Hare Krishna..

I offer repeated dandavats to my Gurudeva.

Just like a mother would reserve some sweets and other things for her child, our Gurudeva also would always give us sweets. On the day of my diksha, Gurudev was distributing sweets to all in the morning and I also stood in the line, but when my turn came, he said 'You will get it after diksha, now you may leave.' And after diksha I got prasad but also, Gurudev separately gave me sweets from the box from which he was distributing in the morning. Just by realising that he remembered our earlier interaction and gave me the extra sweet from the morning lot, I was greatly amazed and touched.

Later I realised, he had denied me the prasad in the morning because before diksha I am not supposed to eat anything.

Without practically seeing, Gurudeva would know everything. He is residing within our hearts, He is antaryami. Once in Jalandhar, after the assembly concluded and Gurudeva was leaving, my mother was in the kitchen and ran towards the car to have his darshan. But she suddenly stopped in the middle when saw that the car had started and moved ahead, thinking I will not get darshan. The car had already started, but Gurudeva said, 'Stop, Stop, she is coming, she is coming.' She was called to the front, and he gave her prasad and she paid her respects to him. It was very surprising how he knew that she was coming, although she was not in his live of vision. My mother said, 'How he saw me in such great crowd?' and keeps wondering. Like this, there are many instances.

And in his every word there is a teaching for us. In just his one line, in one sentence, the whole teaching would become clear. He would repeatedly say one sentence, i.e. never give up listening to Harikatha all your life.

Thank you, Hare Krishna..

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