Ekāntika-bhakti (single-pointed devotion) by definition means to render service in a manner pleasing to one’s most worshipful object of service. Therefore, only activities pleasing to the sevya can be designated as service.

Unless and until one is compassionate to oneself, it is not possible that one can be compassionate to others.

June 2, 2017

Conditioned souls should not view their birthday as an opportunity to happily contemplate the number of years they have been shackled in the prison of their gross and subtle bodies. Rather, they should use this day as an opportunity to serve and pray for release from this world, or at least pray in a repentant way for the ability to tolerate the suffering they experience here. They should be joyous only if they receive an opportunity to serve Śrī Hari on that day. Liberated souls, on the other hand, are naturally joyous on the day of their birth, because for them it is a chance to celeb...

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