It is appropriate for the servants of the maṭha to live in the maṭha in mutual tolerance. Not everyone possesses the same nature and qualification. That is why tolerance and composure are so essential. Mainly, my point is that any individual who comes to reside in maṭha to perform śrī hari-bhajana or sādhana-bhajana does so by the strength of his pious credit, but it is not that he will be without any trace of impiety.

If we sincerely become eager to serve the worshipful Śrī Hari, He will, by all means, arrange for the greatest of opportunities for His service. It was by His will that you went to the Hyderabad maṭha and have been rendering service there. You are all very dear to me. If those who are dear to each other live together in the same place, they will all be happy.

Lust, anger and greed are man’s gates to hell, and they always lead to his spiritual doom. They may remain in a sādhaka’s preliminary stages, but as he continues to perform sādhana, by the power of bhakti and the mercy of Bhagavan and the bhaktas, they will certainly be subdued. Thus, the sādhaka will be able to obtain auspiciousness.

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